segunda-feira, 9 de fevereiro de 2009

Ed Vedder - Actor ?

This year's apparent front-runner for the Oscars' Best Actor race, Sean Penn, recently sat down with Rolling Stones magazine to talk about his role in Gus Van Sants' 'Milk,' his favorite authors and also let it be known that his previously shelved original script, which was written with Eddie Vedder in mind star, may still have legs.

"Yeah, years ago. It's a script that I wrote. He was game, but at the last minute, he had some concerns. He was in his first marriage, and there was some pretty sexual stuff in the script, and whoever the actresses were going to be — he was a pretty faithful guy and didn't feel like hurting his wife's feelings," Penn said in response to a question regarding the stalled project.

But when asked to comment further on the project, Penn refused, citing that he couldn't comment on it because it may still be alive, "No, because I might make it at some point. I actually talked to Brad [Pitt] about it for some time, too. "

Sounds interesting, and now that Vedder has gotten rid that that whole fidelity thing, we hope this thing can actually come together.